Advance Oxygen Analizer GPR-1000

  • Rp. 39,000,000

Deskripsi :The all-new GPR-1000 WP Pipe Weld Purge PPM Oxygen Analyzer is designed specifically for pipe welding applications, and features an innovative design and advanced long life electrochemical oxygen sensor that provide highly reliable trace ppm oxygen readings in seconds! Additionally, the cost of ownership is 40% less than competitive analyzers! The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association recommends the following oxygen levels before welding commences to prevent oxidation, discoloration, and coking that result in substandard welds: Below 70 ppm in stainless steel welding Below 50 ppm in titanium welding Below 10 ppm in the semiconductor industry In addition, the benefits of the improving the weld quality by reducing the rest oxygen to trace ppm levels is driving the standards lower in other industries such as aerospace, pharmaceutical, dairy, brewery, chemical, and food processing. The GPR-1000 WP is capable of measuring oxygen levels to meet all of the above requirements.

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